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The Rehabilitation/Replacement of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE, Interstate 278) from the Atlantic Avenue Interchange to Sands Street will assure the continued functioning of one of the most critical and complex sections of urban expressway in the nation, while addressing long-standing deficiencies affecting freight and passenger movement.

This project consists of multiple bridges, including the historic “triple cantilever” along the BQE between Atlantic Avenue and the Brooklyn Bridge; and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, a NYC Department of Parks public open space with waterfront views of the Manhattan skyline.

The rehabilitation/replacement project aims to eliminate substandard conditions; address drainage, flooding, and lighting issues; and bring the roadway up to current safety standards, with wider lanes and full-width safety shoulders incorporated where feasible. Pedestrian connectivity throughout the corridor will also be improved.

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The project addresses the portion between the Atlantic Avenue Interchange in the south/west and the Sands Street Interchange in the north/east.

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